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What's Happening on the Farm?

You can find current information about our summer workshops, events, current and future happenings on this page, so check back frequently or visit us on our Greentree Naturals Facebook page for updates. If you want to visit the farm, please read the section About Visiting the Farm on the home page.

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Farm Gift Certificates Available

Looking for a sustainable gift to give? Greentree Naturals Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Any time of the year is a good time to give friends and loved ones a Greentree Naturals Gift Certificate. Gift certificates are available in any denomination for our certified organic garden plants, vegetables, garlic, workshops, farm goods or on-farm events offered from the farm. Gift certificates can be redeemed at the local Saturday Farmers Market or direct from the farm. You can purchase your gift certificates by sending us an email to or call us for details of how to purchase using our PayPal account.

High Tunnel/Season Extension Field Day at Greentree Naturals

Join Diane Green of Greentree Naturals and Jennifer Jensen from the University of Idaho Extension as they discuss the first year of their high tunnel trial comparing different types of season extension techniques to growing in a high tunnel. We are taking a closer look at the benefits of hoop houses, high tunnels, and plasticulture for increasing yields and extending the season. Great opportunity to network with other small acreage farmers and home gardeners.
Start time: 10:00 am
Cost: $10
Includes catered lunch featuring Greentree Naturals produce from Seven Sisters Catering Location: Greentree Naturals Certified Organic Farm, 2003 Rapid Lightning Road, Sandpoint. Please Register with the Bonner County Extension Office to reserve a space by calling (208)263-8511.

Thursdays On the Farm / On-Farm Stand

farm stand We are a working, active, productive farm dedicated to bringing wholesome organic food to your table. We’re proud to tell you that over 20 years after its founding, Greentree Naturals is still rooted in to the organic values we’ve always believed in. Greentree Naturals brings fresh, certified organic produce from our fields to your table during the peak of the harvest season. We always strive to offer the best in new selections of certified organic vegetables, berries, herbs and garden plants.

The main purpose of opening up the Farm Stand was to provide an opportunity for our local community and regular farmer's market customers to be able to come to the farm and see where their food is grown. During the growing season, Thursday will be the day that Greentree Naturals is open to the public for self-guided garden walks from 11:00a.m. till 4:00p.m. We will have to wait and see what the 2014 growing season brings for bounty before we can commit to having the Farm Stand open on a regular basis.  

About Visiting the Farm

Summer 2014 CSA Program

csaIt’s hard to believe, but it’s time to start thinking about this year’s CSA and dreaming about those big bags of veggies that will start coming weekly in the spring and summer.

Over the last twenty years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from your local farmer. Basically, we offer a “share” of our gardens, which is one way for us to know what our market is going to be like before the field season begins. We have been working with the CSA model on our farm since 1995 and have one of the oldest successful CSA’s in our region. Having a CSA has helped us be more self-sufficient and sustainable as a small organic farm. As a consumer, the advantages of becoming a CSA member are significant: you get to eat ultra-fresh, certified organic food with all the flavor and vitamin benefits, you will learn to eat new vegetables and new ways of cooking, and you will develop a relationship with the farmer who grows your food and learn more about how food is grown.

Most of our customers have been with us for many years, which tells me that we are doing something right. (See the CSA page for comments from our members.) We offer a limited number of shares, so if you are interested in signing up for our 2014 CSA season, let us know so we can get you on the mailing list! We encourage early commitments so we know how much to grow for the CSA, however, we do offer a month-to-month option for shares as well. When you support a CSA farm, you are supporting agricultural diversity and a local community farm. For more details and pricing, please visit the CSA page. Contact us to receive a CSA application.


Season Extension Workshop – Date to be announced (likely in April or early May)

season extensionSpring and fall season extension techniques work primarily by providing frost protection. In addition, most early and late-season vegetables benefit from the increased soil warmth and protection from wind and pests that many protectors offer. A wide range of techniques are available, from simply planting heat-loving crops in a particularly warm and sheltered spot, to complex greenhouse culture. There are numerous non-greenhouse options suitable for home and market gardeners — primarily cultural practices, plastic mulches, and row covers.

We will review ways of extending the growing season using an assortment of different kinds of materials for extending the growing season and include review of cloches, cold frames, floating row covers, slitted row covers, and hoop houses. Greentree Naturals has been reviewing a wide variety of season extension methods over the years and will share their well tested methods with you.

Date to be announced! We like to have this workshop as early in the spring as weather allows, but always have to wait for the snow to melt away and the earth to be ready for us to be in the fields to begin the season. My goal is to host this workshop on a weekend in Late April or early May. Come prepared for any kind of weather as due to the busy spring planting schedule on the farm, we only have one day that we can have this workshop, so it will happen rain or shine! Class size is limited! We will only host this workshop if we have enough people signed up for it. Please plan and call ahead to reserve a space! Cost is $25. Call 263-8957 or email

Greentree Naturals 2014 Organic Gardening Workshops

Greentree Naturals is excited to announce another amazing summer of on-farm workshops! Learn the basics of organic gardening, including propagating seeds, testing soil, making compost, natural pest and weed management. You will learn useful information about sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening in north Idaho. Take the principles from Greentree Naturals gardens and learn how to transform your own backyard into a food forest, whether it’s a tiny garden or a small acreage. Diane Green has been providing on-farm organic gardening workshops since 1995. Greentree Naturals is dedicated to promoting organic and sustainable agriculture by providing gardeners and small acreage farmers with the information and skills needed to have a bountiful and successful northwest harvest. We can help you grow a successful garden!

The Organic Gardening workshop series is scheduled every other Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. during the growing season beginning May 5 through July 28. Sessions will cover all aspects of organic production and management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony in a rural farm and garden setting. You can sign up for the entire series (and save 10%) or pick and choose individual workshop topics.

We are aware that this timeline may be prohibitive for people with regular work schedules, however, because we are a working farm, Monday is the only day that we can work this into our calendar of events. Plan ahead with your employer for time off!

These workshops take place outside on the deck and in our gardens, rain or shine. Please be prepared to inclement weather and review our policy about visiting the farm on the home page of this website.

May 5 – Direct seeding: Gain a solid understanding of seed starting, and in doing so create the best environment for seedlings to thrive; learn what crops should be direct sown and why; review optimal environmental considerations for seed germination; preparation of seed bed; seeding methods, seed depth and seedling care. *New to the workshop series this year!

May 19 — Planning the garden: Preparing the soil for planting; direct seeding and transplanting; companion planting; intercropping and crop rotation; record keeping, garden maps and succession planting are all a part of planning for a successful harvest. If you can’t make this workshop, check out our Planning the Garden Workshop on CD! Available for sale on our website!

June 2 — Fertilizing organically: Fertile soil is the first step in increasing yields; examine your soil and its needs; learn how to amend your soil and improve its structure; review organic amendments, compost, manures, organic matter and foliar feeding; learn how to take a soil sample. Participants will test soil from their own garden to determine basic NPK and receive a composting chart.

June 16— Natural weed control: On any organic garden or farm, particularly newly cultivated ground, it is likely that weed control commands a major part of the gardeners’ time over the course of the season. We will look at using different types of organic mulches and weed prevention strategies used to control unwanted plants.

June 30— Pest management: Learn to assess pro-active control practices, identification, natural pest formulas, trap/catch-cropping and plant-pest relationships for natural pest control. Learn how to make your own insect traps and natural insect sprays.

July 14 — Harvesting the bounty: Discover techniques for optimum yields for vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and post harvest handling; how to get the most out of your garden harvest. We will also cover post-harvest handling to assure food safety guidelines are met.

July 28 — Seed Saving: By saving seed from your garden, you can produce plants best suited to your specific site and micro-climate; we will discuss plant selection, hand pollination , seed cleaning and seed storage.

Later in the season, we may offer a “Putting the Garden to Bed” and “Growing Great Garlic” workshops. Let us know if you have an interested in either of these events.

All workshops require pre-registration & pre-payment is requested. To find out more and reserve your spot, email or call (208) 263-8957. All workshops are at Greentree Naturals Certified Organic Farm outside of Sandpoint, Idaho. Class size is limited. Individual workshops are $25.00. Sign up for all seven workshops by May 1 and prepay to receive a 10% discount or pick and choose for $25 per workshop. All workshops include comprehensive written handout materials.

We wish you a bountiful gardening season!

Autumn 2014 GROWING GREAT GARLIC WORKSHOP (date to be announced)

garlicFall is the ideal time to start your garlic for a summer harvest next year. Join Diane & Thom in exploring the best ways to maximize your harvest, and grow excellent garlic. We will only host this workshop if we have enough people signed up for it. Please plan and call ahead to reserve a space! Cost is $25. Call 263-8957 or email

U-Pick Pumpkin Patch

you pick pumpkin patch
Frontier Girls 2011                                Waldorf School 2010

pumpkin treasureA traditional fall ritual is the search for the right pumpkin by taking a drive, enjoying the changing foliage and celebrating the change of season by walking through our small acreage farms colorful pumpkin patch. Grocery stores have piles of pumpkins, but there is nothing like wandering a pumpkin patch on the farm to get in the mood for the harvest season.

pumpkin kidWe are the only certified organic pumpkin patch in the region! This autumn is the seventh year that Greentree Naturals will be open for our U-Pick Pumpkin Patch.  Pumpkins are ripe for harvest in October when the seasons change and there is a crisp fall breeze in the air.  We wait until after the frost is on the pumpkin to assure they are ripe and ready for picking, which is variable every fall.

We have sold out every year, so plan ahead and get on the call list so we can contact you when the pumpkins are ready! Pumpkin harvest is by reservation only as we are a working farm and need to work around pumpkin patch visits.  Make your reservations early for the best selection.  We are happy to host school tours and other groups by appointment.  Pumpkins $5.00 each any size.  Give us a call at 263-8957 or email to find out when the frost is on the pumpkins! We also have corn stalks and Indian corn for sale for fall decorations.

diane and first graders pushing pumpkins


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